How to Deal With Grief While at Work

By on June 27, 2017

Anybody can fall into grief at any point in life and the reasons could be many. Losing a loved one, a breakup, everything can contribute to your mental instability. And it is tough if you have to continue with you work life at this time. Here are some ways to ease you while at work.

Be honest
It is the best option to be honest with your colleagues and let them know your plight. Good people will always behave in a way you want them to. You can thank them for their concern and take their support if needed. If you prefer not discussing anything with them, you can let them know that.

Separate home from work
You may separate your work from your personal life and keep the boundary intact. This helps you stay focused in your work. You can avoid taking personal calls at office and let your dear ones know this in advance unless if it is an emergency. On reaching home, change into a home mode and process your grief mentally so that your work is not disturbed.

Make time for grieving
Handling your grief outside your work place makes you more alert in your work. You can make yourselves busier thereby distracting your mind. But, avoiding your grief can be dangerous too. Keep aside some time for you to grieve after your work hours. This is sure to provide a good work-life balance and keep you dedicated to the tasks at hand.

Seek support
Your friends and family members are the people who can help you the most while you are grieving. Lean on them for support if you cannot deal with it alone. You can also find support groups online that provide comfort to you at difficult situations. If you don’t do any of this, you will find yourself seeking help from the coworkers which again mixes your personal and professional lives.

Have your own mantra
It is natural to be overcome with emotions on and off while you have to handle a life-changing grief. Anything like a song or a smell can trigger your emotions making you cry at odd situations. Having a mantra can help you at times like this. Create a positive mantra like ‘I can do this’ which you can keep on repeating in tough situations.

Accept your feelings
Do not tell yourself to avoid thinking about it when you get emotional. When you tell this to your brain, it has a tendency to keep dwelling on your problem more. Accept your feelings and decide that you would deal with it while at home. Changing your focus by moving around in the office or indulging in some important tasks seems to work for many. You can also go talk to that close friend in your office about some lighter topics.

Low productivity is fine at the moment
Let yourself be low in productivity at this critical time of your life. Let go of the thought that you have to work better than before. Stay on the task you are allotted and do it sincerely. Break the day into smaller parts and prioritize work. Making a to-do list can help you focus on what you have got to complete. Ticking each item in the list can give you a feeling of happiness even if it is temporary.

Life is unpredictable for everybody and there is no way other than moving on with it. Give importance to your work whatever you are going through in your personal life. A sense of commitment can help you overcome grief faster.

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