Arab Technology Business Plan Competition Sees Entrepreneur Participation from 11 Arab Countries

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The Arab Scouts Center, in Cairo will host the training course, during the period of (15 – 16) September 2012. The training course content will include many subjects, such as: planning, finances, prepare business plan and market study. The UAE project participant in the TBPC competition for information technology IT, and relies on technology to facilitate the search for the Middle East and North Africa, named “Search in MENA”.

Dr. Abdalla Alnajjar, president of the Arab Science and Technology Foundation (ASFT) said that ASTF organizes, in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, a training course for Arab entrepreneurs, who participated in the 8th cycle of the Technology Business Plan Competition (TBPC), and passed the second phase of qualification, after passing the E-training.

Dr. Alnajjar explained that the number of competitors who arrived to this phase before the final phase, reached the 30 entrepreneurs, distributors on 11 Arab countries and European, are: Egypt (10 entrepreneurs in the sectors of information technology (IT), electronics and biotechnology, chemistry), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia KSA (3 entrepreneurs with projects in the pharmaceutical industry and health, and information and communication technology ICT), Yemen (4 entrepreneurs work IT), Jordan (4 entrepreneurs in telecommunications and energy), Algeria (1 entrepreneur works in energy), Palestine (1 entrepreneurs works, resident of East Jerusalem and the second in Egypt for transportation and IT). We add that there is an entrepreneur comes from: the United Arab Emirates UAE, Qatar, Syria, Tunisia, and Ukraine (Egyptian entrepreneur resident there, all in the information technology IT sector).

The competitors’ projects and business plans covered the following areas: information technology IT (20 projects), energy (3 projects), and two projects for each of the sectors of telecommunications, electronics, semiconductor, biotechnology, medical and pharmaceutical industries. Dr. Abdalla Alnajjar referred that the entrepreneurs participated in the E-training courses, organized by ASTF with the Jordanian company of Qayrwan (, which is one of the fruits of the 7th cycle of the of competition of TBPC, where became a company that provides interactive learning environment, designed to support Arabic content and circulate culture of e-learning, through lessons, lectures and interactive sessions on the Internet.

Dr. Alnajjar added that there are more than 16 success story supported by the Arab Science and Technology Foundation (ASTF), to innovative ideas, turned to emerging companies, specifically in the area of information and communications technology ICT. Dr. Abdalla Alnajjar, the President of ASTF explained that the Training courses for Arab entrepreneurs includes wealthy topics, focused on: the basic principles of exercise self-employment, legal and regulatory processes of the enterprises, how prepare and present a business plan, feasibility study and market analysis and the preparation of the budget for the project.

Dr. Alnajjar pointed out that the aim of this training to provide education, direct change the culture of government work with young people and graduates, provide a stimulating environment for entrepreneurs in the Arab countries, and support sector of small and medium enterprises SMEs based on innovative and creative ideas, which is locomotive of economic growth and job creation.

Dr. Dr. Abdalla Alnajjar noted that after this training, competitors will reformulate their technology business plans, to be more professional to participate in the final phase, and to announce the winners of the 8th of the Arab Technology Business Plan Competition. The awards winners for the first three places are 6000 US dollars for the first winner, and 4000 US$ to second place, and 3000 US$ to third winner, as well as to participate in the Investing in Technology Forum, organized by the Arab Science and Technology Foundation (ASTF) annually, gathers investors, representatives joint venture capital and angel capital funds, researchers for investment opportunities in the innovative ideas.

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