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Time to start thinking differently about Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing might be a popular new way of getting word of your product out, but its roots are in the traditional word-of-mouth (WOM) approach that’s been relied upon to build trusted brands for decades.

Trends that will disrupt Middle East Supply Chain Industry in 2019

Thanks to customer expectations, the supply chain, and logistics industry have evolved significantly over the past few years. Brick and mortar processes of delivering goods and services are just not good enough.

5 questions must be asked on viewing a property

Viewing a property which could potentially turn into a home can be very exciting! In all the excitement buyers can often forget some very important questions to ask their real estate agent. And, not to commit that mistake a buyer should ask at least five questions to get the most information on a viewing.

How to make your employees brand advocates

Social media is a powerful tool for brand advocacy and it is being used more than ever to engage directly with customers. When it comes to a business, it is important to gain support from employees and build a platform in which they can support as well as establish themselves

Global Burj Khalifa Virtual Reality challenge announced

Burj Khalifa teams up with HTC Vive and Dubai Future Accelerators, an initiative of Dubai Future Foundation to further business opportunities within the VR ecosystem across the Middle East and Africa.

How to avoid malware on Android

Tomas Foltyn, security writer at ESET explains how to avoid exposed to malware on Android You need to stick to Google Play for apps and run as recent a version of Android as possible if you want to lower your risk of ending up in the crosshairs of malware-touting miscreants, according to the findings in a report from none other than Google. While you were unlikely to fall off your chair at reading...

How to stay away from being hacked

Alissa Johnson, the Chief Information Security Officer at Xerox explains how to stay away from being hacked easily by challenging the challenge question. Challenge questions are those questions that you set up with your own personal answers to help web sites know that it’s you – not a hacker. This only works if you are the only one who knows the answers. Most of the time we answer our challenge qu...

Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival from 20th Nov

Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center (Sheraa) announced the second edition of Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival (SharjahEF) to be held on November 20-21, 2018, at the Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club.

How to make Halloween less cyber-scary for kids

Tomas Foltyn, security writer at ESET explains how can we help kids avoid security horrors and stay safe from rogue online “neighbors” at Halloween and thereafter? It’s that time of year again when children, decked out in special costumes, roam the streets and ask for treats from neighbors. The online world, too, is inhabited by creatures that aren’t what they seem to be and wolves in sheep’s (or ...

ESET releases decryption tool for Syrian victims

Ondrej Kubovič, ESET Security Awareness Specialist highlights that ESET experts have created a new decryption tool that can be used by Syrian victims of the GandCrab ransomware. It is based on a set of keys recently released by the malware operators

Six different ways to grow your business

Lawrence Lee, Vice President, Incubation and Strategy at Xerox explains six different ways to transform and grow your business by thinking differently.

Mastercard drives global startup ecosystem

Mastercard recently welcomed ten startups to its Start Path program at the Mastercard Connecting Tomorrow Forum in Barcelona as part of its efforts to drive the startup ecosystem. Start Path is the company’s global initiative to provide startups with the operational support and commercial access needed to scale.

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