How To

How To: Get Your Clients to Pay You on Time

One of the toughest things you must do as a business owner is to get paid.

How To: Choose a Web Hosting Company

Most small businesses use outside Web hosting companies to host their websites. Here are the most important factors to consider when selecting a web h...

How To: Negotiate a Deal

Negotiating is something that every business owner and entrepreneur does on a regular basis.

How To: Business Startup Guide for Baby Boomers

By Donna Sickinger, Business Coach

How to: Calculate the Startup Costs of a Retail Store

The idea of starting your own retail storefront may seem daunting, especially when you start crunching numbers that involve rent, utilities, marketing...

Fostering Office Productivity: A Smarter Document Strategy

By Dan Smith, Head of Integrated Marketing for the Middle East and Africa region of Xerox’s Developing Markets Operations. 

How To: Become an Intellectual Maverick

No matter how well our lives may be going, many of us seem to be at our wit’s end when it comes to attaining that next level of success, but there is ...

How To: Get Your First Customer

The first few customers are inevitably the hardest, but ultimately your most powerful resources will be those closest to you. You don’t need to be a m...

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