Nigerians Are Selling Unused Items Worth $526 Million on, the leading African social marketplace, today announced that the total volume of items currently for sale in its marketplace is worth $5...

Startups are Changing Middle East Landscape, Says Entrepreneur

A Washington-based tech entrepreneur says startup businesses are changing the landscape in the Middle East and other emerging markets.

Healthcare startup Travedoc expanding into Middle East

Like a lot of healthcare entrepreneurs, Dr. Marcel Muenster initiated the development of a matchmaking service for doctors and travelers, Travedoc, wh...

How to: Calculate the Startup Costs of a Retail Store

The idea of starting your own retail storefront may seem daunting, especially when you start crunching numbers that involve rent, utilities, marketing...

Organizations Must Prepare for the Security Implications of the Digital Workplace: Gartner

Increasing adoption of a more mobile, social, data-driven and consumer-like workplace is causing the breakdown of traditional security models and stra...

German company produces thin iPhone skin product that is easy to apply

Decorative cell phone skins are fun and expressive, but applying the adhesive product can be challenging.

White Almonds: A Bespoke Wedding Gift Registry

My Startup World speaks to Sarah Farah, the Founder of White Almonds, to find out what’s special about White Almonds and how it helps couples pl...

Dropbox Acquires Loom and Hackpad

Cloud storage giant Dropbox has announced the acquisition of two startups – photo management app Loom, and collaboration service Hackpad.

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