DAXIUM Launches New Event App in the GCC

Business Technology

French company Daxium has introduced a new mobile application dedicated to the collection of visitors information with tablets at exhibition stands and during events. This new solution is on the way to support exhibiting companies, promotion agencies, organizers and any other professional event planners in the collection of contact details, events feedback or other specific demands.

Daxium Middle East, the regional arm of the company, considers exhibitions and events as an integral part of business here in the UAE, providing opportunities for networking and meeting potential clients. Upon proposals for a solution that would simplify the collection of visitors information, Daxium is offering a new service in the UAE that will enhance the visitor data collection process during events and exhibitions.

“Companies often struggle to gather visitor information with paper forms at events and exhibitions, as they require visitors to sit inside the stand or wait during a busy period. With tablets, exhibitors become mobile, resulting in more interactivity. Visitors now have the choice of registering their information with an exhibitor equipped with a tablet or inputting their information independently using tablets fixed around the stand,” said the company in a statement.

This service aims to double the amount of visitor contacts collected at events, and eliminate errors and misinterpretations created through the use of paper forms. Visitors information obtained during the event can later be extracted onto an excel spreadsheet at the click of a button, saving time and increasing accuracy. This new launched solution will be showcased during the Gitex Technology Week, from October 12th to 16th 2014, at Dubai World Trade Centre.

According to Aymeric de Guerre, Middle East Area Manager, “There are many exhibitions in the Middle East so we decided to propose this new service. In only 24 hours, we create your customized digital form on tablets to collect visitor data”.  “Information collected offline on the tablets at the exhibition stand can be extracted in one click to Excel.”

Brand image and visitor experience are enhanced through the use of new technologies, particularly in the UAE. Moreover, digital contact forms on the device will be quicker and easier to fill for the visitor. Application flexibility allows Daxium to create and implement digital forms specific to your needs in only 24 hours.

In the event of future exhibitions, the company provides the possibility of independence by training a member of your team to create future forms without extra service cost. Daxium has launched a proper pricing package for this service, allowing customers to satisfy short-term needs. The app will be available on smartphones and tablets, covering Android, Windows and iOS platforms. Daxium is currently also developing an Arabic version, which will be available on the beginning of October.

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