TiE Dubai Announces Line-Up of Serial Entrepreneurs for Opening Event of #xtalk

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The Dubai Chapter of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) has announced the line-up of serial entrepreneurs based in UAE that are available at its first event in the new series of interactive knowledge-flow sessions entitled “#xtalk” (Cross Talk).

The confirmed line-up (so far) includes:

  • Abhimanyu Jalan, Partner at Clyde & Co.
  • Ali Asghar, founder and CEO of Emerging Circle
  • Danny Farha, co-founder and CEO of BECO Capital
  • Danish Farhan, founder and CEO of Xisché & Co.
  • Dinesh Lalwani, founder and CEO of Growl Media
  • Ihsan Jawad, co-founder of HoneyBee Tech Ventures
  • Loulou Khazen Baz, founder and CEO of Nabbesh

The event will be moderated by PK Gulati, CEO of Optimistix Ventures, a technology innovator, angel investor, mentor, idea accelerator, and writer who needs very little introduction in the start-up world.

Open to anyone running a business or interested in starting one, the first #xtalk is planned for April 19, 2014 and will cover two subjects of common interest:

  • Structuring Your Company: Things other entrepreneurs have done, have read about but have not been able to fathom. Topics will include issues specific to regional needs like the pros & cons and structures of freezone/offshore/onshore companies, costs, best practices, preparation for formal fundraising, stock options, share classes, convertible notes, other agreements, liabilities, debt structuring etc.
  • Building Your Team: This session will encourage questions about creating a team, cofounders, sharing the company, vesting, stock options, roles & responsibilities, advisors & mentors, compensation, how to value contribution, freelancers, outsourcing and offshoring etc. The hands needed to make your idea into reality and how to get them.

Gulati said, “Unlike most events, this is not limited to knowledge flow in one direction – from the speaker to the participants. #xtalk is an event for sharing knowledge between those who have been entrepreneurs and have built companies and those who are doing it now – or are trying to start up. This is an opportunity to hear from others, leaders, specialist as well as peers and practitioners and tell them what you experienced.”

The topics selected are practical and a reflection of what every entrepreneur or business person undergoes and, at times, is too shy to ask or does not get a chance to ask.

#xtalk by TiE Dubai starts at 9am on Saturday, April 19 2014 and is graciously hosted by du on the 45th floor of its Dubai Internet City headquarters. To register, click here.

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