Wataniya Telecom Holds Summer Internship Program for 2012


Wataniya Telecom has recently announced the conclusion of its summer internship program 2012 in collaboration with Manpower and Government Restructuring Program (MPRG), as a step from the company to provide working experience to students and potential employees in the private sector.

The internship program for this year aims at getting students and the youth familiarized with job opportunities and vacancies at Wataniya Telecom and the many benefits and advantages that come along with working at Wataniya. The students received their internships at different Wataniya branches located around in Kuwait in the period between July 1st and August 2nd 2012.

Commenting on the summer internship 2012, Majdi Ghannam Chief Human Resources & Admin Services Officer confirmed Wataniya’s intention in always supporting the workforce in Kuwait and looks forward to meet with competent and skilled individuals whom will be the backbone of the county’s progress.

Ghannam further added, “Wataniya Telecom continuously provides students with field training as it also offers workshops on the company’s services and products while giving students insights on how to develop their skills and capabilities. Students were also trained on customer service as they got the chance to directly interact with customers while interning at the branches.”

From her end, representative of MGRP Hanan Karam further explained that the internship serves as an opportunity for students to be involved in different aspects of the private sector jobs while educating them and preparing them for their future jobs.

“It is always our pleasure to host students and provide them with opportunities to represent our company and become more involved in field work,” explained Ghannam. “We look forward to offering potential candidates from different universities and colleges with job offers through our training and recruitment programs available at http://10.wataniya.com/careers.”


  1. If I save Alph’s number as +96566090384 (for instance), then when he calls me his name won’t show up. Instead, 66090384 shows up. However, If I save it as 66090384, then the name shows up during calls, but if he sends me a text message. If he sends me a text message, the name only shows up when I save the number with the +965 prefix. WHY is this?

    Oh, and I live in Kuwait, and I’m on the Wataniya Telecom network. Also, this isn’t a case of having the number saved twice or anything such.

  2. I have a business based in America and want to offer payments on the Internet for people in Kuwait, how do you pay for the things you buy online? Credit cards? Debit (ATM) cards? PayPal? Wire Transfer? Something else? Please list all the ones that are popular in Kuwait ! Thank you !

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